The Benefits of Using Open Source Content Management System

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The Benefits of Using Open Source Content Management System

Open Source Realty CMS is an open source web application (web application, CMS) for creating websites of real estate agents and real estate firms. It is based on Yii Framework – one of the most advanced modern frameworks used for building websites. Yii is free and is available under LGPL license. It has been designed by Jonny Andrews to be user friendly and flexible while being powerful and robust enough to meet the requirements of most real estate firms. In fact, it is considered as the ideal framework for website development due to its features that are not available in other applications.

Open source CMS provides many benefits that can be used for your real estate website. It includes full-text search engine optimization built in RSS feeds, built in Google calendar, Google XML Sitemaps, full screen mode, image thumbnails, full screen mode, multiple website authentication, cookie support, login page with password protection and more. The best part is that all these features work on any platform – even on a Mac. Here are some other benefits of using Open Source Content Management System or CMS.

One of the most important benefits of using Open Source Content Management Systems is that they allow you to change the content, design and appearance of your websites with little or no effort. They are easy to install and configure and are designed to maximize ease of use for users. With no programming or coding skills required, anyone can build websites with great interactivity and user friendliness.

Another benefit of using Open Source Content Management Systems is that it gives you the freedom to modify or add new pages as and when you need. You can also change the theme of your website without having to rewrite or re-theme the entire site. Another advantage of using real estate CMS is that you can easily add or remove plug-ins from the platform, which in turn improves your SEO rankings.

You need an all-inclusive solution to create and manage real estate websites. There are many different open source Content Management Systems available in the market today. This is why many real estate firms are now opting for these systems. In fact, many real estate firms today are switching over to open source ERP systems, which allow them to provide their clients with complete functionality and integration solutions.

The other advantage of using an Open Source Content Management System is that it is very flexible and customizable. In case you have limited knowledge in this arena, you can simply hire a team that has extensive domain knowledge, if you so wish. You can also update the modules as and when required. Therefore, if you too are looking to give your real estate websites a face lift, then go for an open source CMS.