How To Create Video Marketing For Realtors

video marketing for real estate

How To Create Video Marketing For Realtors

If you’re planning on becoming a real estate agent or sell real estate properties then you will need to know some video marketing tips. Video marketing is one of the best tools to use when trying to increase the exposure of your real estate website and services. In this article I’m going to explain some video marketing for real estate tips. Most people think video marketing for real estate is a relatively simple task that can easily be outsourced to a cheap cost. However this is not the case. Video marketing such as real estate trailers, property tours, VR and 360, any sales videos or corporate videos can all be the type you need to outsource to because they need to be more advanced and require to be of a high quality.

Most other forms of video marketing for real estate marketers probably can all be done at home with relatively little or no equipment at all. The most common form is YouTube, if you have a YouTube account all you have to do is create a channel which usually consists of two to three videos. These should be related to the services you offer, the reason being is that you want people searching through Google, Yahoo or Bing to find your real estate channel. You can then promote these channels by adding tags such as #real estate marketer to ensure that your video content is optimised correctly for the search engines.

Video Marketing for real estate agents also includes holding video contests around your local area. To enter these contests, you will need to upload your video content to a web-based service such as Google’s Picasa or upload it directly to YouTube. When you submit your video, the contest is hosted by the service provider who then gives you the entry code and website address where you can list out your video. These contests bring in lots of traffic, which can ultimately lead to more views of your content, and ultimately leads to more visitors to your website, which can increase sales.

Video Marketing for Realtors also includes uploading your videos to social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and a host of others. In these sites users are able to leave comments on your videos and can share them with friends. To encourage people to return to your real estate channel, there is even the option to add your website link to your profile page which makes your videos even more prominent. Social media marketing is extremely popular with internet users and one of the many advantages of utilising this form of promotion is that it is free and relatively easy to do. There is also no limit as to how many videos you can upload at any given time and the more views you get the higher they will appear in rankings.

A good video marketing strategy will include a combination of strategies to attract buyers. You may want to use an affiliate product or service that is related to your real estate channel that could help to pay for the video production costs. You may want to use search engine optimization techniques to increase the rankings of your videos within the search results. For those who are just starting out there is the option to write articles that describe your service or products and submit them to article directories where anyone interested in your area of expertise can see them. Some of the most popular directories include EzineArticles and omissions. If writing isn’t something you’re comfortable with then there are many freelance writers available who are happy to provide quality content at affordable rates.

Video Marketing for Realtors is an essential component of any marketing campaign and real estate videos are certainly no exception. By creating engaging, informative videos your business will be positioned to take advantage of the growing number of visitors that are searching for local properties for sale. By utilising search engine optimisation techniques you will be able to position your videos on the top of Google search results which will draw in even more visitors to your real estate channel. Video Marketing for Realtors can be an effective way to enhance your presence on the internet and the best way to learn more is to speak to others in your industry who are actively using this highly effective online marketing technique.